About Us

about-usEstablished in 1933, Ming Chung Restaurant is one of Singapore’s oldest Henghua restaurants. The restaurant was started by the late Ho Ah Tong, a migrant from Putien in Fujian province, China. At that time, Ming Chung Restaurant was on Weld Road, opposite the present “Thieves Market” in the Sungei Road area. Catering to the Henghua immigrants’ cravings for home-style Henghua food, the restaurant became a meeting place of sorts for the local Henghua and Hokkien communities. The restaurant was named “Ming Chung”, meaning “People” in Chinese, to reflect the affordable home-style Henghua food for the diverse clientele including rickshaw riders and labourers.

Ah Tong’s son, Ho Boon Lim, eventually took over the business and together with his wife and sons, they continue to run the restaurant, serving the same perennial Henghua favourites. The original premise was demolished in 1988 when the land was cleared for redevelopment. The restaurant has since moved to its present location at 67 Maude Road.