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These are some of the Top Cited Reasons for Eating Out

You can have really hectic schedules at work today. There are meetings to attend, multiple project deadlines to meet, reports to make, reviews to submit, phone calls to answer, and lots of field work. Such things keep you busy for 5 to 6 days a week and therefore when you get little time off it can be a good idea to have a peaceful meal at a good restaurant in the city.

You may prefer a dine-in or a take away from your favourite Chinese restaurant in Singapore, there are plenty of good reasons to eat out. When asked ‘why would they like to eat at a particular restaurant’, people usually cite the following reasons:

  • The staff there is quick to attend to customers
  • The place is quite near to my house / office
  • Even though the restaurant is away from my place, I just love the taste of their food
  • It’s not very expensive to eat there
  • At times, I am just tired to cook and prefer eating at a restaurant
  • It’s simply a treat for myself and my family now and then
  • That’s the most recommended Chinese restaurant in Singapore
  • Eating out is a good way to socialize with friends
  • That restaurant has a rich and thoughtfully planned menu
  • They have a wonderful ambience to enjoy meals in


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When we talk about food from restaurants, people can have very different choices. There are those who like to sit in the exclusive environment of the dining destination and have a formal meal and others who simply want to avoid the drudgery of cooking and takeaway a packed meal from their favourite eatery.

What’s common though is that the quality of dishes and the standard of service matter to all visitors.  A place to eat at is typically chosen on the basis of its signature dishes’ taste and the ‘front of the house’. Customer service provided by chefs, waiters and housekeeping staff also matters to visitors.

The folks who like to eat in restaurant premises usually want to move away from their daily routine and to be treated as guests. Eating at a top Chinese restaurant, Singapore is a good change from the monotony of daily meals cooked at home. Restaurants have a tailored environment for meals without the distractions that are usually felt at home. And whenever you can afford it, just put your mobile phone on silent particularly while enjoying a meal with family.  Avoid checking mails and social media notifications on the dining table.

Another great part of eating out at a restaurant is that you do not have to clean up or do the dishes after finishing off your meal. You can simply move away the plate, pay your bill and drive back to your home.  It feels good to be served well at least once in a while.

So what will be your plan this week – an eat out or a packed meal from your favourite restaurant?